Post Status
02, 07Power on CPU Initialization
03, 08Power on North Bridge Initialization
04, 09Power on South Bridge Initialization
0BPower on Cache Initialization
11〜14, 32〜36, 56〜5AEarly CPU Initialization
15〜18, 37〜3AEarly North Bridge Initialization
19〜1C, 3B~3EEarly South Bridge Initialization
1D〜2F, 31, 3F〜4E, 50〜55Early Memory Initialization
63〜67, D0Late CPU Initialization
69〜6F, D1Late North Bridge Initialization
70〜77, D2Late South Bridge Initialization
92〜96, B5, D4 PCI bus Initialization
97, 98, 99, B2, D5〜D7Console Ouput/Input devices/Console initialization and Load Option ROM (VGA, RAID, parallesl ports, serial ports……)
9A〜A7, B4Onboard devices Initialization and Detect (USB/SATA/SCSI……)
A8, A9, ABStart of Setup. BIOS setup if needed/requested.
AD/AEReady To Boot event/Legacy Boot event
A0Enter OS (Windows® 7 or Windows® XP)
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